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Ordered a Kids Assorted Sizes pack for your child? No need to double up, just use this to fit your own specs and order an Adult length Twin Pack according to the corresponding colour.(Note: Kids Orange is Adults Grey)

Speccles turn your everyday frames into sports specs!

We've improved on the one-size-fits-all theory, because spectacle arms come in all shapes and sizes. We wanted to create a glasses strap that provided a truly tailored fit and grip firmly onto the arm ends, not slide around.

When you first order Speccles, we'll send you an "Assorted Sizes Starter Pack" containing 5 different sized straps. You can then establish the BEST fit for your glasses as well as any other pairs of glasses and sunglasses in your household. Try them for a few days and you may even decide you prefer to go down a size for a firmer fit.

Each of the five straps in the "Assorted Sizes" pack have a different width, identified by a different coloured "Speccles" stamp. Black having the largest width, followed in descending order by Red, Grey, Yellow and finally Green having the narrowest.

Once you find the BEST fit, you can reorder a twin pack of the same size according to the corresponding colour stamp when needed… EASY!!

With a twin pack, you'll always have a fresh strap on hand (and an extra if you lose one!)



Ordered before?

If you have ordered the Assorted Sizes Starter Pack and know which size to reorder, please go ahead and select from the twin packs below.


White - twin pack * $10.95 Add
Black - twin pack $10.95 Add
Red - twin pack $10.95 Add
Grey - twin pack $10.95 Add
Yellow - twin pack $10.95 Add
Green - twin pack $10.95 Add
Blue - twin pack * $10.95 Add

* Special order only.

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