Meet Neva... the true inspiration for my creative streak!!

Our little angel was identified as having Albinism when she was just three months old. In case you aren't aware, albinism affects not only the skin (little or no pigmentation) but also the eyesight. When Neva was 18 months old, she was prescribed glasses with transition lenses to magnify her surroundings, reduce the glare for her sun sensitive eyes and to improve her vision in the long term.

Of course we didn’t bargain on her reluctance to wear them! On the day they arrived she flatly refused to keep them on. I spent most of that morning chasing her around the house, attempting to pop them back on her nose. I was devastated - for the 200km (125 mile) round trip to the best optometrist, for having spent $400 on a pair of glasses, but mostly for the knowledge that it was in the best interest of her eye health and comfort to keep them on for the duration of her waking hours. I was at a loss as to how to get her to wear them, but I was not beaten. The following day was spent on Google tracking down a solution, only to be disappointed by the options available. The local shopping centre found me visiting 5 optometrists to buy a strap to hold them on. The only one available was an ugly adjustable bright blue elastic ribbon secured by plastic rings. I almost sobbed when I positioned it. Not only did it fail in the effectiveness department, it was unappealing in design and turned the gorgeous glasses I had so carefully chosen into an unattractive fashion statement! Again, I was distraught to think that this was to be her “look” during her toddler years. My little girl deserved better…in fact all children needing glasses deserved better!

Speccles was born of my faith that there was an effective and more attractive solution to keep glasses in place. The world needed a product that was streamlined and inconspicuous. A strap that didn’t involve a cord hanging down the back of the neck, didn’t ruin a little girls hairstyle whether it was in a ponytail or a flowing mane, and didn’t get in the way of a good game of chase. A strap that didn’t detract from a designer frame instead saved them from destruction and therefore enabled parents to select lovely designs for their little one. A strap that can ultimately saves parents’ sanity and limit the impact on the bank account.

I spent many (many) hours researching and learning more than I will ever need to know about plastics and spectacle arms, and designed a product which I hope you will find as life changing as I have.

Neva has been wearing her Speccles every day for more than 3 years now and she never has any issues like constantly pushing her specs up onto her nose even when running around and playing roughly. People rarely notice that she is even wearing a glasses strap. In fact I have often been asked for advice on how to keep young kids glasses on! So now the secret is out.

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Speccles for Adults

Speccles were originally created to tame my 18 month old toddler into keeping her spectacles on. They worked so well, we took them to market and next thing you know, they're a hit.

We made them longer, so hubby could use them when playing indoor soccer, and I adopted them for my sunglasses when I went out mountain biking (I’m no delicate rider!) ...and we decided it was time Speccles were available for all ages and abilities.