The NEW clear eyewear straps...

Great looking straps, that REALLY work!

Goodbye geek straps! Speccles are inconspicuous and are easily cut to the perfect length, making fashion frames fabulous (and safe from destruction).

Speccles amazing grip ensure glasses stay exactly where they're supposed to, no matter what you're up to.

Flexible, durable and extremely comfortable, Speccles straps are ideal for wear on the sporting field, on the beaten track or in the workplace.

Speccles are made from high quality, lead free, Latex Free, 100% Australian plastics that won't discolour with wear.

Speccles were created to bring glasses straps into the 21st Century...

We're so sure you'll like Speccles straps, that we'll cover your shipping costs anywhere in the world! That's FREE delivery to any destination.

Speccles sponsors the gorgeous Seeing Eye Dogs of Australia (SEDA) puppies.  SEDA is a division of Vision Australia, helping those with low vision and blindness acheive independence.  As each Seeing Eye Dog costs approximately $30,000 to train over a two year period, Speccles aims to help contribute towards these expenses and ensure as many dogs as possible reach those who truly need them. You can sponsor a puppy too!

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Kids Starter Pack

$12.95 USD

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Adults Starter Pack

$12.95 USD

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Speccles for Kids

"We LOVE LOVE LOVE your product!  This is the first time my 4 year old daughter's glasses actually stay on.  She is so sensitive but really does not complain about the strap" Jenna, Baltimore USA

Speccles help babies and toddlers adjust easily to life in glasses, by securing specs in place ALL the time.

Soft, flexible and sooo comfortable, Speccles don't rub, pull or irritate like other straps can.

Speccles can be cut to the perfect length with household scissors. Ideal for creating a tailored fit for little heads, without the hassle of having to endlessly readjust.

Speccles get kids with glasses back into the playground. To rediscover the joys of swinging upside down on the monkeybars and experience the g-force of the wizzy dizzy!

Speccles make children's glasses daycare, kindergarten and school proof (not to mention baby sister proof!)