The worlds ONLY CLEAR glasses strap!

And introducing Snazzies, the worlds first interchangeable glasses strap covers - fashion statements for your specs...

  • Speccles help babies and toddlers adjust easily to life in glasses, by securing specs in place ALL of the time.
  • Turn everyday glasses into sports frames! Speccles are great for gymnastics, martial arts, dance class and even sprinting down the track.
  • Speccles are super comfortable to wear and can be cut to the perfect length with household scissors. Ideal for creating a tailored fit for little heads, without the hassle of having to endlessly readjust.
  • Speccles are perfect for active kids. No more slipping frames or scratched lenses from being knocked off into the dirt... 
  • Speccles make children's glasses daycare, kindergarten and school proof (as well as baby sister proof!)
  • Speccles are made from selected Australian plastics FREE from BPA, lead and latex. 

Jazz up your straps with NEW Snazzies for Speccles!

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What our customers say!

I ordered the speccles strap right away when my 2.5 year old son was fitted with glasses. Speccles are one of a kind! My son is a very active little guy, and ever since we have received the speccles strap his glasses have stayed in place! For the first few days we used the black elastic strap, but it needed to be adjusted 100X a day and was just plain ugly. The speccles strap arrived packaged nicely, and has proven to be a quality product. We have tested the speccles through crazy gymnastics classes (front and back rolls!), wrestling with his brother, playing in the snow, and lots of active games! Upside down and all around, this strap is the best! Thank you! 

Tracy--Alberta, Canada

"... Thank you so much for this product, it is truly amazing!  Today was her first day since getting glasses a year ago, that she was able to wear them all day long...even during floor play time while she rolls around like a log.  Her glasses never moved off her face!!"

Crystal, Louisiana USA

"Amazing product, does exactly what it's supposed to; keeps tiny little specs on a tiny little face.
Have enjoyed not seeing my baby fling her glasses across the room every five minutes.
Thank you for the quick delivery too!"

Michaela, Australia

"Thanks so much, our Speccles arrived today and they are GREAT.  They will work perfectly for our son's soccer games.  And, they arrived only 5 days after I ordered them.  I plan to spread the word!"

Greg, Pennsylvania USA

“Not only do they help keeping the children’s glasses on that I work with, I also purchased the Speccles for my own use and no longer lose my sunglasses when falling off my kayak in the surf”.

Sue H, VIC Australia

"Keep up the great work, we love the product at Specs4us"

Maria Dellapina, Specs4us

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